Monday, August 22, 2005

Random shout out #1

Surprisingly, to those not in the know, I am, alas, a neglectful friend. It suddenly occurred to me now that I forgot to send my Oz care/thank you packages to two of my good girlfriends in Japan, Eri 1 and Eri 2. Yes, out of 12.5 million people in central Tokyo, I chose to have two friends with the same name requiring a numerical suffix.

So, if anyone is really keen on a couple of sweet young pen pals and is just itching to send out packets of totemo kawaii Tiny Teddies* on my behalf, get in touch, Sleuth.

*By Tiny Teddies I really do mean the dinkum bite-sized treat. After I wrote this, I became suspicious that ‘Tiny Teddy’ could be jive talk for something completely different, but I’ve now done my research and, after being entertained for a good half hour or so, seemingly it isn’t. Maybe it should be.