Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So what's this Blogspot guff look like, then?

Okay, here I am, and here is my new weblog. This is how it looks if I write dialogue:

Me: How does it look, Samone?

Me again: Well, it looks a bit crap-sor, but it will do, Samone. I mean, this shit is free. That erudite observation said and done, from now on I'm going to avoid swearing in print, after all, swearing in print is for whores and sailors, of which I am neither.

Me: You reckon? What about Liam Gallagher, he swears in print, doesn't he?

Me again: Of course I meant to say 'swearing in print is for whores, sailors and Liam Gallagher'.

Me: So you're not Liam Gallagher?

Me again: No. For the record, I have never fronted a successful Brit Pop band with my brother Noel ... I don't even have a brother. If I did, he'd probably have a fashionable 70s name like 'Jason' or 'Justin' or 'Jinxy', my parents would never have chosen a name like 'Noel'. Admittedly, I have been known to say the words 'What's the story, morning glory?' as a greeting, but never in song, and I certainly take immense pride in maintaining two distinctly separate eyebrows.