Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back in black ... and white

Well, I got the job at the sea-faring bird in a tux, otherwise known as only the most famous publishing house in the world. No more piffling over pounds and tearing my hair out at the cost of my chicken tikka roll for lunch. Not that I'll be earning lots of money, just some money. Or money per se.

Better still, two departments were grappling over little ol' me. I had TWO job offers this morning, two! I would go into it more, but I refuse to write anything incriminating about work.

Must've been my Chanel violet mascara (lower lashes only) that I whip on like a beast of late, purchased in Tokyo when I could actually afford to be so frivolous ... sorta. And the fact I entered each interview doing the caterpillar to 'There's No Stopping Us' which may or may not have appeared on the Breakdance soundtrack.

I can be an egomaniac, I'm allowed. It's the only way toward regaining a sense of enormous well being. Mentally overwrought is not my colour.


Project Editor. P____guin.


Start Tuesday.

I also have three new friends, all made from the office temping I did this week: Morgan, a fellow Melburnian with amazing freckles living in neighbouring Bethnal Green ; Paul, a shy English boy in a sweet little indie band I'm going to see play in Camden next Thursday night; Lilly, a gorgeous English girl trained in security who tells me all about wild times at Ascot and doing any manner of wretched things in the back of a Rolls Royce. I was shocked, mortified and aghast ... then and asked if I could come along next time.

Oh. And my friend handsome Nick from Heathrow is coming back to London to visit for two days. I will be most pleased to see young Nick.