Monday, September 05, 2005

Stuff n' nonsense

Oh, I've been up to a lot. Things have changed now that I'm in the new apartment. The Gill and Momo Uber Pad totally rules: we had the rulingest housewarming party on Friday night (considering I have no London friends yet, save for random people I keep chatting to in the street, a thousand people - largely a Melbourne tribe - turned up. At least a thousand), we partied like it was 1999, except, like, 2005, and my hair is neither troll-doll spikey nor dyed Fudge magenta, like it was for two weeks at the end of 1999 (after a home-bleaching disaster).


Speaking of nothing at all related, I went to a fantastic boutique launch last Tuesday, run by Gill's friend Geoffrey, and, on account of my outfit, was photographed for a magazine called Disordered. I can't help it, I must show off. Anyhoo, that snapped (pun completely intended) me out of my freaked out "What the fuck am I doing here?" depressive bubble. For all the most trivial ludicrious reasons like having someone think I was impressive enough to photograph ... hopefully not for the wrong end of a 'Hot or Not?' barometer.

I can admit to feeling odd and up and down, my life is positively freaky, man, but I'm going with it.


In my profile, I advised Piers, the photographer, that I was indeed:

"Half Japanese/Finnish. Mum and Dad met on a harpooning adventure somewhere near Norway."

Earlier, some fellow (who, quite obviously was on a slippery streak of something bad ... or maybe very good) sidled up to me with a sidelong look and queried - for a reason that was completely unclear - if I was Japanese/Finnish. To which I responded:

"Mate! I'm some Australian mongrel, what the hell would I know about where I come from?" And that of course gave me my big idea to respond to Piers in such a wayward way.


I'm a spaz.

In other news, more interviews, interviews, interviews (still at the big black and white bird with a penchant for frostbite) and now some dogsbody temp work in an office to get me by.

Flippers crossed.